Our Leather

“As long as meat is being consumed there will be leather. Not to use it would mean to throw away a valuable raw material”
Leather from New Zealand

The whole New Zealand meat industry has a unique position in regard to animal welfare, sustainability, traceability and ecology.

Not one single animal in New Zealand is raised for its skin. The leather is a by-product of the meat and dairy industry and, if not processed to leather, would have to be dumped.

REALGRADE LEATHER provides customers with a piece of mind for a socially and environmentally responsible supply chain of New Zealand hides and skins with the goal to offer ethical and sustainable leather.

New Zealand can offer outstanding levels in all aspects for sustainable leather which are:

Our partners

The mission of REALGRADE LEATHER is to involve all suppliers of New Zealand leather. Currently the initiative involves the following New Zealand suppliers. These partners already now cover a substantial quantity of all hides and skins exported from New Zealand.

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